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Jerad Cotten: Achieving Success with Mountain View Ranch in Record Time in a Tough Real Estate Market

Sprinkler line on Mountain View Ranch
Side Roll on the Mountain View Ranch

In the competitive world of real estate, getting a property under contract quickly is a remarkable achievement. Jerad Cotten has done just that, securing a contract for the stunning Mountain View Ranch in a mere 38 days. His dedication, strategic marketing, and tireless work ethic have paid off, bringing this incredible property to the forefront of the market and capturing the attention of qualified buyers.

A Testament to Hard Work and Expertise

Jerad Cotten’s success with Mountain View Ranch is a testament to his expertise and commitment as a real estate professional. Understanding the unique appeal and value of the ranch, Jerad employed a comprehensive marketing strategy to ensure the property reached the right audience. From professional photography that highlighted the ranch’s breathtaking mountain views to targeted advertising campaigns, Jerad left no stone unturned in his efforts to showcase Mountain View Ranch.

His proactive approach included calling potential ranch buyers directly, coordinating private showings, and leveraging his extensive network to connect with potential buyers. Jerad’s in-depth knowledge of the Western Colorado real estate market and his ability to communicate the unique features of the ranch played a crucial role in attracting serious, qualified buyers.

The Allure of Crawford Colorado's Mountain View Ranch

Mountain View Ranch is a property that captures the imagination and offers a dream lifestyle. Spanning 232 acres, this ranch is a harmonious blend of natural beauty, agricultural productivity, and luxurious living. The 160 acres of irrigated ground, supported by 5040 shares of Fruitland Irrigation Water, 7 Fruitland Mesa Water Taps, and 2 wells, make it a highly productive and valuable asset.

The state-of-the-art irrigation system, including a center pivot covering over 90+ acres, ensures efficient water distribution and optimal crop growth. The serene pond near the main home, fed by the overflow from the water taps, adds to the property’s charm and provides a perfect spot for relaxation.

The main residence, a spacious 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom home, is designed for comfort and enjoyment. With large picture windows offering panoramic mountain views, a deck for outdoor relaxation, a sauna, and a game room, the house is a haven of luxury. The property also includes a fully-equipped shop and comes with essential equipment like a Kubota tractor and a Honda 1000 side by side, making it a turnkey opportunity for the new owner.

A Remarkable Marketing Achievement

Jerad Cotten’s achievement in getting Mountain View Ranch under contract in just 38 days is a remarkable accomplishment that highlights his dedication and skill. His ability to effectively market the property and connect with the right buyers demonstrates why he is a standout in the real estate industry.

Mountain View Ranch is not just a piece of land; it’s a lifestyle, a sanctuary, and a dream come true for its new owner. Jerad’s hard work and commitment have ensured that this exceptional property will soon be in the hands of someone who will appreciate its beauty and potential.


Jerad Cotten’s success with Mountain View Ranch is a story of dedication, expertise, and strategic marketing. In just 38 days, he has taken this incredible property from listing to contract, showcasing his ability to achieve outstanding results in the real estate market. Mountain View Ranch is set to become a cherished home for its new owner, thanks to Jerad’s hard work and tireless efforts.

Congratulations to Jerad Cotten on this impressive achievement, and here’s to the new beginnings at Mountain View Ranch!

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