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So you want to own a Colorado Hunting Ranch?? Things you might want to know before you buy!

Looking to buy your own Colorado Hunting Ranch?

Colorado continues to provide the greatest amount of hunting opportunity for sportsmen to enjoy in the west. With over the counter elk tags in many units across the state floods of out of state hunters come to the state to pursue the high coveted bull elk. While public land hunting can be great many people who are able are seeking out ranches to own that provide them with a quality hunting experience each year without the crowds of people. But be careful, just because you buy acreage in Colorado doesn't mean that it will have elk during hunting season or any time of year for that matter.

Hire a buyer's agent that knows wildlife, migrations routes and hunting tags.

You will want to hire a buyer's agent that isn't just trying to make a sale. Hire an agent that has been in the hunting industry for 15+ years and knows hunting, wildlife, habitat, migrations routes and hunting tag allocation. These things on top of factors that will make your ranch a property that is appealing to wildlife. Jerad has year of experience in the hunting industry as a professional guide and outfitter across the state of Colorado. On top of this Jerad has been a property manager for years creating wildlife habitat and managing property for cattlemen and sportsmen to enjoy together.

Landowner Vouchers and Hunting Tags for your Ranch

You will often here people mention landowner tags in Colorado. Landowner tags are applied for by the ranch owner and drawn in the state draw. The voucher that is drawn is not a tag but must be converted to a license at a license location. Not all ranches will qualify for both mule deer and elk vouchers. Limited entry units are the units that you will find the landowner voucher program. Most units have the mule deer landowner vouchers but only a select units will offer any opportunity for landowners to apply for elk vouchers. In addition to this many units across the state have over the counter elk licenses. Many of these units will still have a few seasons like muzzleloader

, 1st rifle and 4th rifle season that you still must draw a license for. The over the counter licenses are generally for archery, 2nd rifle and 3rd rifle seasons. Some units will have early cow only licenses or cow only late season licenses generally for private land only but there are some that are public hunts also. Taking all this into consideration is another reason that you will want to hire a ranch buyers broker who has experience in all these areas.

Finding a Colorado Hunting Ranch that will suit my needs.

Many people buy ranches thinking that it will be a great hunting ranch only to learn after the sale that the elk and deer don't use the property for a number of reasons. Don't be this person, hire a buyer's broker who will do his due diligence to find out everything you will want to know about the property and if it will suit your hunting needs. We have seen some large acreage ranches in great hunting units but the ranch was shaped in a way that no game stayed on the property. There are some key things that a hunting ranch must have to sustain a population of mule deer and elk. Give Jerad a call to discuss your next hunting ranch in Colorado and put him to work for you.


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