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Trophy Elk and Mule Deer Hunting Ranch for sale in Glade Park Colorado

Glade Park Unit 40 trophy bull elk and mule deer hunting ranch for sale!!

If you are a trophy elk and mule deer hunter you have probably heard about unit 40 and the trophy quality bucks and bulls the unit has to offer. With the public draw system point creep it is getting harder and harder to get quality hunting tags. Wouldn't it be nice to own your own hunting ranch and get landowner vouchers from your ranch?

Trophy Bull Elk and Mule Deer Hunting Ranch in Western Colorado.

The Glade Park Ranch is located in the highly coveted unit 40 trophy elk and mule deer hunting unit is western Colorado. This 1400 acre ranch is located in the elk and mule deer migration route to their wintering grounds. Ranch has some water improvements done to help hold wildlife and provide water for livestock. Glade Park is known for its incredible elk hunting. Home to some true trophy elk there are bulls scoring up over 380 killed in the unit each year. Mule deer hunting in unit 40 can yield some great trophies as well with buck scoring up over 180 killed each year. The ranch is currently entered in the landowner tag program which you will have to apply for as well as the new ranch owners. This will allow you to apply for elk and mule deer vouchers.

Contact Jerad Cotten to go tour this Colorado Hunting Ranch or other ranches.

Hire Jerad to represent your interests and be your ranch buying broker in western Colorado. Jerad a lifelong rancher, hunter, outfitter and adventurer himself is a highly qualified ranch broker. Call Jerad @ 970-640-9461


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