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Are you looking for a Western Colorado Ranch to live the western lifestyle?

Branding Season in the West is a fun time of year for Ranchers.

As the snow recedes up out of the valleys and the green grass creeps back up the mountains we see a renewing of life throughout the landscape that brings a smile to every ranchers face. Calves have been on the ground for a few months and it's time to put brands on the calves and get them all vaccinated for the year. Across the west you see ranchers joining forces to help each other with these tasks. Nobody asks for payment, they show up with fresh horses,"sometimes a little too fresh" and they get to work. In the end they get a nice meal prepared by the rancher's wife and family. With one hand hooked in a pocket and the other holding a cold drink they reminisce about the past winter and where the next branding is.

This is the way of the west. An unwritten code of conduct that few in this world know, or even care to understand. Helping someone not expecting anything in return is lost in much of society.

Has owning a western Colorado Ranch always been o dream of yours?

Each year Jerad finds himself horseback helping local ranchers, family and friends with their spring branding. This background has served Jerad well in representing buyers and sellers in ranch transactions. If owning a Colorado Ranch is something that you have always wanted reach out to Jerad and start the process of finding the property of your dreams. From cattle ranches to recreational hunting ranches Jerad is a professional in both regards.


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